To take over: successful luxury B&B in the Gorski Kotar mountain region

Located at an altitude of 820 meters. Only 10 minutes from 2 lakes and 45 minutes from the beach.

This beautiful, fully furnished and "ready to start your business" building, with an area of 400 m2 is entirely made of wood (2010).

Ground floor:
Huge, 100m2 living room with cozy fireplace, bedroom with bathroom, large kitchen, two toilets, laundry room, boiler room.
Terrace with hot tub. Large wooden veranda over the entire length of the house with fantastic views of the nature reserve.

First floor:
6 bedrooms with bathroom, sauna and storage.

The 80 m2 attic is not in use at the moment.

All furniture is handmade.
Central heating and hot water through a pellet boiler.
Very high quality materials (wood and rock wool) were used for the house. Energy rating: B.

Plot area:  more than 1.900 m2 .

Asking price for this unique object € 790.000.-

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b23.jpg


  • te-koop-istrie_b_b22.jpg

    In the middle of nature

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b36.jpg

    Beautifully landscaped garden

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b17.jpg

    Well maintained

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b9.jpg

    In a winter sports area

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b12.jpg

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b24.jpg

    Huge living room

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b5.jpg

    High-quality finish

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b6.jpg

    Cozy fireplace

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b26.jpg

    Reading corner

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b28.jpg

    Dining area

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b25.jpg

    Stairs to the 1st floor

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b35.jpg

    Bedroom 1

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b34.jpg

    Bedroom 2

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b33.jpg

    Bedroom 3

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b32.jpg

    Bedroom 4

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b16.jpg

    Bedroom 5

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b3.jpg


  • te-koop-istrie_b_b21.jpg

    Veranda along the length of the house

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b2.jpg

    Separate terrace with hot tub

  • te-koop-istrie_b_b27.jpg

    Luxurious Hot tub

More information

For more information about this ready-to-go B&B, we invite you to call: +385 91 7956 465 - (We speak EN, DE, NL & FR).

You can also send an email to: meerinfotekoopistrie nl