Catering premises at an excellent location in Poreč

This property offers a range of combination options like: living - working - renting ...

Ground floor:
Restaurant approx. 400 m2, wine-/coffee bar, 3 dining rooms with around 110 seats.
Cocktail-bar ca. 11 m2.
Kitchen. Fully fitted and equipped kitchen, cold store, sanitary units, various storage areas.
Office space with air conditioning.
Terrace 200 m2 with approximately 100 seats.
Outdoor kitchen, covered, with grill and sink.
The ground floor has air conditioning and heating (partial floor heating).

3 Guest rooms, each with private entrance, bedroom, shower and toilet, heating and air conditioning. At the rear, each room has a private terrace with seating. B&B possibility.
Garage / laundry room next to the property.

Large garden with separate seating and children's playground.
Parking at the front, located directly on one of the access roads to Poreč.

1st and 2nd floor:
2 Spacious apartments, each approx. 130 m2, with living, kitchen and bedrooms, large balcony.

Plot: approx. 1,900 m2

Price: € 945,000


The restaurant is currently being rented out.
The tenant is willing to conclude a new lease with the new owner.
The apartment on the top floor can be rented out immediately, for a longer period of time, if desired.
Split ownership of ground floor and individual floors is also possible.

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-001-copyright.jpg

    Great location

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-005-copyright.jpg

    Terrace with sun protection

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-002-copyright.jpg

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-008-copyright.jpg

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-007-copyright.jpg

    Coffee bar / wine bar

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-004-copyright.jpg

    6 Séparées

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-006-copyright.jpg

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-003-copyright.jpg

    The "winter garden"

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-009-copyright.jpg

    Access to the guest rooms

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-010-copyright.jpg

    3 Double rooms

  • te-koop-istrie_restaurant-porec-011-copyright.jpg

    Private terrace with seating

More information

For more information about this unique catering facility please call us at: +385 91 7956 465 - (We speak EN, DE, NL & FR).

You can also send an email to: meerinfotekoopistrie nl